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Solar Energy for private customers

Before benefiting from solar energy, your network operator will require relevant data to manage your system optimally. For high performance, it is therefore prefered that you register your solar system with energieleveren.nl.


The benefits of solar energy

By registering your solar production plant, you can contribute to the energetic sustainability and progress of the Netherlands. Not only is solar energy safer and more affordable, but it is environmentally friendly.

Renewable energy brings the future to your residence, thus you can start benefiting from clean, cheap and safe energy usage. As the number of solar energy consumers grows by the day, registering your plant will help the government map large areas and determine the energy-efficiency measures that need to be implemented. Registering also provides safety in case of troubleshooting, malfunctions or emergencies.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of using green, renewable energy is its affordability. If your household produces more energy than you consume, this extra energy is placed into the mains. Your energy supplier will deduct your redelivery up to a maximum of 5000 kWh. In case you return more energy than you consume, your energy supplier can entitle your hoursehold to a feed-in tariff.