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Solar Energy for Business Contacts

The sun may freely shine for everyone, yet some people have learned to gain economical advantages from harnessing sunlight. 

Nowadays, companies, production factories and other business contacts may equally benefit from renewable, safe and affordable solar energy. Vos Energie Groep, in collaboration with Ecotiv BV, have together devised innovative solutions for a creative and efficient use of solar energy.

Zonnepanelen voor de zakelijke markt

Solar panels and solar production plants bring businesses, local communities and states extensive benefits:

Next to solar panels and solar production plants, we found an ingenious solution for governments, organizations, companies, business and private contacts - the Solar Carport.

zonne energie carport

The Solar Carport is a unique and stylish way to generate solar energy while keeping your cars in the shade. Based on a combination of high technology and elegant design, the system will not only benefit the environment, but yourself and your local community. Moreover, by opting for a solar carport, you help build a clean, sustainable future which goes hand in hand with elegance and practicality.