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Management of fiber optics for Reggefiber

Management of fiber optics for Reggefiber

At the begining of 2014, Vos Energie Groep partnered up with Reggefiber, one of the leading authorities in fiberglass networking in the Netherlands. Together we started an ambitious project of national proportions: to pave the way to faster, more reliable data exchanges between households and companies. Our ambition to offer the Netherlands improved fiber optics communications led to Vos Energy Groep and Reggefiber collaborating in building maintenance implements for the all main fiberglass substations. 

Maintenance in all PoP-locations all across The Netherlands

Together with our partners, we nowadays began a technical extention of all existing Pop-locations (fiberglass datacenters). Our purpose is to  connect the existing fiberglass users (1.6 million households) to high-quality fast-data exchange networks. We take care of maintenance and management of all Reggefiber PoP-locations, contribute to improving the registration and guarantee top quality fiber for all network users. We equally provide an excellent service of maintenance for the existing installations, therefore bringing all fiberglass users enhanced network quality.

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