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Power Quality and its importance

Power Quality stands for electricity and voltage standard and designates the quality status of electric power.

Power Quality registratie

Since electrical energy is the beating heart of industry, commerce and development, maintaining a quality status in the flow of electricity is vital. It is highly important to have measures of Power Quality in determining risks and possible defects in electrical installations. Power Quality is synonymous to solving any arising problems with electricity.

Vos Energie Group Oldenzaal offers equipment and knowledge to register Power Quality problems and to contribute to a solution for your electrical installations. Using complex instruments, we measure the voltage quality and electricity flow in a system. High quality of electrical energy is achieved only if the following conditions are met: a good initial design, effective corrective action, cooperation with the supplier, frequent monitoring and proper maintenance. In other words, high quality is only guaranteed under the use of a holistic, all-encompassing approach. To that extent, to improve the quality of electrical energy, it is important to have an adequate understanding of its common problems.

Using the latest technology in assessing harmonic distortion, Vos Energie Groep determines the glitches in your electrical installations. From unpleasant flickers to very harmful (fire) hazardous malfunctions, we detect all problems and facilitate clever solutions to establish an optimal flow of electricity. In optimizing your installations, we stand for accuracy, reliability and safety.