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Lighting - power-saving and colour true

Artificial light technology has undergone exponential development in the past decade, enriching the atmosphere and the comfort of building interiors.

Zuinige en vrijwel kleurechte verlichting

Following the latest technological and aestetic trends, Vos Energie Groep has taken lighting to an entirely new level. Not only do we provide customized lighting systems which make a room appear larger, warmer or fresher, but also we integrate light colour therapy installations which positively affect human emotion, well-being and health. From Feng Shui decorative lighting to functional lighting employed in the performance of special tasks, Vos Energy Groep is synonymous with safety, endurance and energy-saving.

kleurechte verlichting

Our team installs lighting systems on demand which match the style of your interior - classic, rustic, modern, extravagant, Scandinavian or Italian, just to name a few. We provide recessed fixtures, ceiling fixtures, spotlights, luminaires, wall fixtures, floor fixtures, table fixtures and office fixtures of custom design, bringing beauty and functionality into your space.

Power-saving and colour true lighting

The benefit of maintaining colour trueness is directly linked to stress reduction and the boosting of physical and intellectual capacity. Our latest technology in light distribution, brightness ratio and incandescence allow colours to remain true and lifelike, without any alterations.


To that effect, we install LED light fixtures that preserve 90% of an object's colour trueness, thus highlighting the appearance of coloured items in a room. Overall, the light setting thus created will have benefits in enhancing both ambience and professional performance.