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Our expertise

Our passion for technological innovation and bilding sustainability translates through the following specializations:

Electric Vehicles and Charging Systems - Vos Energie Groep, together with its partners, prepares your residence or office space for electric vehicle demands. We equally offer home chargers, original charging cables and chargers on-the-go.

Electrical Engineering - by employing only specialized materials with demonstrated high standards of quality and endurance, we ensure the quality, reliability and endurance of our electrical systems. We also design, install and manage systems with complex climate control functions for both buildings and large facilities.

Fiber Optics - Vos Energie Groep Oldenzaal provides an excellent service of maintenance for existing fiberglass installations, therefore bringing all fiberglass users enhanced network quality.

Inspection Technology - Vos Energie Groep ensures power quality through constant inspection, maintainance and improvement of electrical installations. We bring advanced measuring equipment and knowhow in ensuring your electrical system is running at optimal levels.

Thermography - Vos Energie Groep uses advanced infrared thermography to identify defects in your electrical installation that cannot be otherwise detected. Using thermal imaging, we are able to promptly identity, repair and optimize hidden junctions of energy loss, heat leakage or fire hazards.

Lighting - we install light fixtures that preserve 90% of an object's colour trueness, thus highlighting the appearance of coloured items in a room. The light setting thus created will have benefits in enhancing both ambience and professional performance.

Solar Energy for private customers and business contacts - From advice in the designing of solar fixtures, to planning, implementation and maintenance of solar projects, we manage solar systems for both private customers and business contacts. In most cases, we do so without having to interrupt the flow of electricity within a system. Vos Energie Groep is an SEI approved solar installer.

Power Quality - Vos Energie Group Oldenzaal offers equipment and knowledge to register Power Quality problems and to contribute to a solution for your electrical installations. Using complex instruments, we measure the voltage quality and electricity flow in a system. Under the name of Power Quality, we record problems and provide solutions.