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Lighting with color trueness at Xooon

A recent study revealed that artificial light has a direct effect on a person's mood, stress levels and even performance. It was thus proven that light fixtures that preserve an object's colour trueness is more likely to create an ambiance suitable for relaxation and a good professional prestation.

Zuinige en vrijwel kleurechte verlichting

Vos Energie Groep is synonymous with safety, endurance and energy-saving and follows the latest technological trends to enrich the atmosphere and the comfort of building interiors. For our partners from Xooon, we provide customized lighting systems which make a room appear larger, warmer or fresher. We facilitate LED furniture light fixtures that preserve 90% of an object's colour trueness, thus highlighting the appearance of coloured items in a room. Our latest technology in light distribution, brightness ratio and incandescence allow colours to remain true and lifelike, without any alterations. 

kleurechte verlichting

For Xooon, Vos Energy Groep supplies Feng Shui decorative lighting or functional lighting employed in the performance of special tasks. On demand, the light fixtures we install can be arranged to match the style of your interior, whether classic, rustic, modern or extravagant. Xooon also integrates our true clour fixtures in their lighting installations, which positively affect human emotion, well-being and health.