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Inspection Technology

In current society, electrical energy is the backbone of industry, commerce, communication and information technology.

Thermografie inspecties

Day and night, electrical energy powers our lives: from buildings to cars; from appliances to gadgets. For such reasons, it is vital that the quality of electrical energy is regularly verified.

Vos Energie Groep ensures power quality through constant inspection, maintainance and improvement of electrical installations. We bring advanced measuring equipment and knowhow in ensuring your electrical installation is running at optimal levels. We equally encourage users to register their power quality problems with us, so that we can contribute with efficient solutions for their installation.


Vos Energie Groep uses advanced infrared thermography to identify defects in your electrical installation that cannot be otherwise detected. Invisible to the naked eye, these defects often occur due to poor construction standards and cause heat loss, energy leakages and even dangerous conflagrations. 


Using thermal imaging, we are able to promptly identity, repair and optimize hidden junctions of energy loss, heat leakage or fire hazards. Preventively or remedially, Vos Energie Groep can perform periodic thermographic surveys in your company or residence to maintain the efficiency of your systems.

The benefit of a thermographic investigation

It is extremely important to locate the hidden glitches and defects in your electrical installation as early as possible. Besides ruling out hazardous situations, you equally avoid unforseen costs. Thermographic investivations may include:


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