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Outdoor infrared heating systems

Infrared heating is a natural form of radiation. The radiation of the sun is made up of infrared heating for 50%. When infrared radiation gets in touch with your skin, a nice warmth will be felt. Without the daily heating of the sun, no life would be possible on earth.

Short-waved infrared radiation penetrates the air very well, independent of the air temperature. This explains why we can feel the comfortable warmth of the sun even in winter, when the outside temperatures are relatively low.

SOLAMAGIC heating systems combine short-waved Halogen-Infrared radiators with perfected techniques. The result is a high quality heating technology, very suitable for outdoor situations. The SOLAMAGIC is therefore used a lot for patio heating.

Infraroodstralers Terrasverwarming Solamagic

Vos Energie Groep is supplier of the full SOLAMAGIC programme. We have a solution for each outdoor situation, whether it is professional (e.g. restaurants) or non-professional.