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Fiber Optics

Now and in the future, fiberglass harbours progress by paving the way to faster data exchange and improved communications.


Netherlands has taken hold of this opportunity for growth with more than 1.6 million households (and growing) already connected. Vos Energie Groep wishes to connect the world through fast-data exchange networks and up the number of optical fiber users to five million households. However, such strong goals require equally strong partners; partners such as Reggefiber, the leading authority in fiberglass networking in the Netherlands.

Early 2014, in partnership with Reggefiber, Vos Energie Groep Oldenzaal facilitated the building of maintainance implements for the main fiberglass networks substations (particularly PoP-location/datacenters). Nowadays, we have initiated a long-term technical extention of all the existing main substations. We take care of maintenance and management of all Reggefiber PoP-locations, contribute to improving the registration and management and guarantee top quality fiber for all network users. 


We equally provide an excellent service of maintenance for the existing installations, therefore bringing all fiberglass users enhanced network quality.