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Electric Vehicles and Charging Systems

Any electric car owner understands the advantage of having a charging station at home.

Elektrisch rijden - laadsystemen

As the demand for electric cars has widely increased in the past few year, more and more residential buildings are adjusted to accommodate electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. The advantage of residential charging is that the EV may be recharged overnight while at home, or during the work hours, while at the office. Residential charging is the most common charging method, and generally involves upgrading existing wiring or building a custom charging station. 

Vos Energie Groep, in partnership with Greenchoice and Mennekes, prepares your residence or office space for electric vehicle demands. Together with our partners, we professionally install the electrical framework which will accomodate your EV charging station. We offer as a package, home chargers, original charging cables and chargers on-the-go. We also install into your charging service panels Residual-Current Circuit Breakers with Overload Protection (RCBOs), whose function is to ensure a secure use of electricity.


Electric vehicles throughout the Netherlands

Vos Energie Groep wants electric driving throughout Netherlands to be unburdening. Therefore, we service electric vehicles throughout the country to make electric driving as easy and enjoyable as possible. We now work with several large manufacturers to a nationwide charging network that can recharge every electric car.

With the GreenFlux card you can charge anywhere in the Netherlands!

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