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About Vos Energie Groep

Vos Energie Group aligns its passion for developing green sustainable energy with technological innovation and unique quality of service.

Through our professionalism, flexibility and high quality products, we strive to become the most noteworthy provider of sustainable energy products and services. Vos Groep Energie brings progress, quality, comfort and innovation through technological development. Our business is marked by open communication, staff integrity, open-mindness and transparency of service, with unique focus on our customer experience.

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Our strive to supply sustainable energy centers around the Trias Energetica concept of sustainability: achieve energy savings, use of alternative energy and reduce dependency on fossil fuels.

Vos Energie Groep works based on the Trias Energetica philosophy.

The three pillars of Trias Energetica include:

  1. Reducing the demand for energy by avoiding waste and implementing energy-saving measures;

  2. Using sustainable sources of energy like wind, sun, water and the ground;

  3. Using fossil fuel energy as efficiently as possible and only if sustainable sources of energy are unavailable.